Black sugar dates cake 黑糖红枣蛋糕


【🥣古早黑糖红枣蛋糕】红枣经过 去核-蒸煮-研磨成泥-特调红枣黑糖奶油 每一步都是纯手工💮制作 每一口吃下去保证浓郁的红枣香,蛋糕共有7层 夹心黑糖啵啵和各类坚果等🌰真正能够做到养生的经典传统蛋糕🍰

🥣Ancient brown sugar and red dates cake] The red dates are pitted-steamed-ground into puree-special red dates and brown sugar cream. Each step is handmade. Every bite is made to ensure a rich red date fragrance. The cake has 7 layers of filled brown sugar. And all kinds of nuts, etc.🌰Classic traditional cakes that can truly maintain health🍰

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