Matcha Nougat Cracker 抹茶牛轧糖饼干


Crisp outside and soft inside, both sweet and salty, this product contains the most perfect ingredient matching after trials and errors. It can serve as both breakfast with a cup of tea and a snack after afternoon tea to supplement energy. For stringy effect, place the cake in the oven or microwave oven to heat for 15s.

外酥内软,甜咸交织,多次更改配方后最研制出来最完美的黄金配比,可以作为早餐配一杯红茶,也可作为下午茶后的一个小惊喜,随时随地,补充能量。如果要拉丝效果 可以放烤箱或者微波炉加热15秒
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