Rose Charcoal Snowflake Crispy 黑炭玫瑰雪花酥


Handmade snowflake flaky pastry that contains five kinds of hand-picked full nuts.  Addition of dried cranberries and nuts enables you to enjoy creamy, sour-sweet, and crisp taste with agreeable sweetness and lasting aftertastes. We hereby promise that this product does not contain any preservative, essence, plasticizer, or leavening agent.

纯手工雪花酥,精选5种饱满坚果,蔓越莓干作为原料浓郁的奶香夹杂香脆的坚果 和果干的酸甜,入口香脆,甜而不腻,让您回味无穷。我们承诺,此款雪花酥不含任何防腐剂,香精,塑化剂,膨松剂。

*This product looks black and fascinating, with crepe crust made from A-grade edible vegetable carbon and edible bamboo charcoal.


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