Strawberry Shortcake 鲜奶油草莓


*the image is 6 inches

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With a simple but not simplistic appearance, it contains two layers fresh strawberries. A combination of fresh creation and fresh strawberries presents you natural fresh delicacy. All cakes are made and delivered to you on the same day to ensure the highest freshness. Considering that the cake does not contain any preservative or additive, please have it within 24 hours for the best flavor or keep it for 3 days at most. Fresh strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, and other fresh fruits lead you to experience the gifts from nature. It is the favorite of fruit fans. Fresh fruits and fresh cream bring out the best of each other and present generous taste.

简约而不简单的外表,内含两层新鲜草莓夹层,清新自然,鲜奶油融入新鲜草莓的酸甜,天然美味。蛋糕全部当天制作完成保持到您的口中的最佳新鲜度  因为蛋糕中不添加任何防腐剂,添加剂等 最佳口感是24个小时内,最多能保存3天精选新鲜草莓,蓝莓,树莓新鲜水果,感受大自然对我们的馈赠,水果控的最爱,和鲜奶油的搭配相得益彰,口感丰富,匠心之作。

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