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Taro Queen Cake 芋头女王

Taro Queen Cake 芋头女王


First of all, this taro queen uses selected high-quality Lipu taro, which is steamed in a carefully calculated specific time without being too soft or too hard, and then the cake chef personally uses the most laborious traditional method to take advantage of the heat. It was quickly and repeatedly pressed into a mud, and only then has the soul of this cake-the original hand-made taro mud.

Secondly, under the background of the gentle and soft chiffon cake composed of countless eggs, the hand-made taro paste has several thick layers, but there is a bit of soft waxy and elastic taste in the middle. This is the super mysterious formula of Superego Sun. Mochi. The Queen of Taro uses exquisite and mysterious natural raw materials, paired with fresh milk, and does not contain a drop of water. The white jade and purple heart mochi can not only be brushed, but also maintain a soft taste, unlike ordinary mochi. It will become very hard and unpalatable.

This cake is naturally low-fat and light sugar without burden. It is not only suitable for children to eat and play, but also to worry about being too sinful when celebrating birthdays. It is also very suitable for those who are usually hardworking and rewarding themselves. One bite is full of soft and happy flavors. Let Superego Sun uses this sweet heart to help you share the hardships you encountered while working hard in Toronto. I hope you can remember the taste of happiness when you think of this cake this fall.

首先,这款芋头女王均选用了精选优质荔浦芋头,在精心计算过的特定时间内蒸熟,不会过软或者过硬,然后再由蛋糕师亲手完全用最费力传统的方式趁着热度迅速将其反复碾压成泥,才有了这款蛋糕的灵魂 – 原汁原味的手作芋泥。

其次,在由无数个鸡蛋组成的温柔松软戚风蛋糕的陪衬下,手作芋泥垒上厚厚几层,中间却多了几分软糯弹牙的口感,这就是Superego Sun的超级神秘配方麻薯。芋头女王选用了精致神秘天然原材料,搭配上新鲜牛奶,不含一滴水,制成的白玉和紫心麻薯不仅可以拉丝,还能一直维持着柔软的口感,而不像普通麻薯一样一天就会变得很硬很难吃。

本款蛋糕天然低脂轻糖无负担,不仅适合小朋友吃着玩,过生日时候也不用担心太罪恶,而且非常适合平时自己犒劳一下辛劳的自己,一口下去满满软糯幸福的味道,让Superego Sun用这甜甜的心意帮你分担在多伦多打拼时候遇到的苦楚,希望你在这个秋天想起这只蛋糕的时候,都能回忆起幸福的味道

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